December 01, 2022

NSF Names New Head of the Delegation for the United States

Dr. Katharina Dittmar The United States delegation to GBIF has a new Head of Delegation. Dr. Simon Malcomber, National Science Foundation (NSF), served one year as the U.S. Head of Delegation and has taken on a new position at NSF as Acting Assistant Director for the NSF Directorate for Biological Sciences. The new Head of Delegation for the U.S. is Dr. Katharina Dittmar Program Director for the Division of Environmental Biology. In the Division of Environmental Biology Dr. Dittmar’s work connects to biodiversity science and climate change, evolutionary biology and systematics, biological collections, as well as ecology of infectious diseases and pandemics. Currently, she is involved in the Systematics and Biodiversity Science core program, the new Partnerships to Advance Conservation Science and Practice Program, the Biodiversity on a Changing Planning Program as well as the new Predictive Intelligence for Pandemic Prevention Program. Dr. Dittmar began this role in November 2022. We would like to thank Dr. Malcomber for his leadership and welcome Dr. Dittmar to this role.