July 9, 2024

Kylie Hollis joins GBIF-US and OBIS-USA as USGS CSFP Fellow

We’re excited to welcome our new USGS 2024 Cooperative Summer Fellow: Kylie Hollis! Kylie is joining us for the next three months through the Cooperative Summer Fellowship Program. Kylie is one of 61 fellows selected to work with the U.S. Geological Survey this summer through the CSFP.

Who is Kylie?

Kylie is a recent University of Florida graduate, with bachelors’ degrees in Marine Science and Environmental Science. During her time at the university, her research focused on optimal conditions for oyster larval settlement, as well nutrient pollution impacts on Spartina grass-mussel mutualisms in salt marshes. As she enters her post-grad career, Kylie hopes to get involved with research focusing on anthropogenic impacts on estuarine community ecology and conservation of these communities.

What will Kylie be doing?

Kylie will be helping mobilize data from the Demopoulos Lab at the Wetland Aquatic Research Center (WARC). The project, “Data Archaeology: Mobilizing a Treasure Trove of Deep-Sea Biodiversity data for Global Access and Use”, will increase the FAIRness and openness of the data by crosswalking data to the Darwin Core and EML standards, and publishing it to GBIF and OBIS. A secondary product will be the codebase, and documentation, which will serve as a cornerstone for additional datasets to be mobilized.