Gopher tortoise [Gopherus polyphemus] observed in Florida, US by Lila. Photo via iNaturalist (CC0)


GBIF-US is a community that is dedicated to open and engaged science. We’re always interested in collaboration, please send inquiries to Below are some opportunities that are available


GBIF Graduate Researcher Award: The Graduate Researchers Award (previously the Young Researchers Award) is an annual programme aimed at fostering innovative research and discovery in biodiversity informatics. The GRA provides prizes to two graduate students—generally one Master’s candidate and one Ph.D candidate—nominated by GBIF Participant countries.


USGS Cooperative Summer Fellowship Programs: USGS has been hosting summer interns for decades!

USGS - Office of DEO Selected Internships and Fellowships: The USGS offers internship programs, fellowships, and volunteer opportunities for students, recent graduates, transitioning military, students with disabilities, and the general public. If you’re interested in working with GBIF-US through one of these opportunities, please don’t hesitate to let us know:

NSF Non-Academic Research Internships for Graduate Students (INTERN): A supplemental funding opportunity is available in fiscal years FY 2021 and beyond to provide graduate students with experiential learning opportunities through research internships to acquire core professional competencies and skills to support careers in any sector of the U.S. economy. NSF will consider supplemental funding requests for up to an additional six months of graduate student support on active NSF grants.

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